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Ohio Proud, Locally Grown

About Us

Closed From Novemberthrough 


Luther’s Farm Market was started by Eddie and Gale Luther in the summer of 1993, selling fresh, hand-picked sweet corn in front of their house on Alger Road.  Over the years, we have grown and expanded, not only in the size of our building but with what we have to offer as well.  The entire time though, we have kept Eddie’s dream alive by growing and offering the freshest, locally grown produce to our loyal customers at reasonable prices.  We grow a large portion of our goods on the land that we farm, 90 acres of our own and 400 acres in the surrounding communities.  What we do not grow, we supplement by visiting Ohio auctions, such as the Mount Hope Auction, County Line Auction, or the Homerville Auction where local producers & Amish farmers sell their goods.  Guaranteed fresh, guaranteed local, all Ohio grown – that is the way we like to keep it.


Why Buy Locally?


In the state of Ohio, Agriculture is our number one industry.  It contributes more than $107 billion to our great state’s economy.  When you buy local, you are not only supporting your local farmer, but stimulating your community’s economic growth and furnishing jobs for your neighbors.  Also, when bought locally, your food is truly “fresh”.  It isn’t shipped from thousands of miles away, it is picked and can be on your plate sometimes within the day.  You will truly taste the difference.  Our farmers put hard work, sweat, love, and tears into their trade and we stand by everything that is put on our shelves.  We want only the best for our customers.






Mon - Fri


Sat & Sun

10am - 6pm

Closed Tuesdays

after Labor Day.

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